Monday, November 19, 2007

Update on investigations underway

Here are the investigations underway. We will continue tracking these until there is closure.

  • Minister Stockwell Day has asked for an inquiry into the role of the RCMP.
  • A public inquiry into the use of tasers has been launched.
  • The BC coroner's office has launched an inquest into the affair.
  • Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP has launched an investigation.
  • The RCMP is doing an internal review on the use of tasers.
  • B.C.'s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is doing an investigation into this tragedy into what actually transpired from the moment Robert landed in Canada.

There are pending questions into why Robert Dziekanski received no attention or guidance for a period of ten hours from when he was cleared by Immigration. Here's a list of actions that still need to happen.

  • We need the Vancouver airport authority to be held accountable for the lapses.
  • We need a review of the immigration processes at all points of entry to the country, understand where the hand-off between immigration and the airport authority takes place and who is accountable for what activity. This will identify the gaps in the system as they exist.

There is work to be done and we have to keep reminding the MPs that this is important to Canada and Canadians.


suzanne said...

This is what I want to share with you!

Sylvia said...

Excellent summary. The Province is showing some much-needed (if overdue) class.

hoogy said...

I Believe the death of Robert D. is not as a result of the Taser but of a broken neck. That is the reason the RCMP have not opened up their files. If you watch the video to the very end as the RCMP were subdueing Robert one officer had his knee on Robert's neck and he made a downward shove with all his weight on it.

Anonymous said...

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"The Murder of Robert Dziekanski"

Thank you, Thelma Joyce
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Anonymous said...

Has any body seen the first video posted where there was a lady mettioning about the blood on the baton ?
That part of the audio is no longer there.