Friday, December 7, 2007

Imminent changes at YVR

Here is a summary of the changes on the way at Vancouver airport.

  • 24-hour customer care in the international arrivals area
  • hourly walk-throughs of the customs hall
  • round-the-clock medical response in the international terminal,
  • bigger, brighter signs in multiple languages
  • a messaging service from the customs hall to the public greeting area.

Total cost $1.3M CAD. On the whole I have to say, I am impressed by the speed of the response. I also appreciate that a lot of these steps are geared to customer care and there isn't a boondoggle that involves security cameras and scanners.

On a personal note - I recently caught a flight to the US via VYR. Though an experienced traveller, it was difficult for me to locate the US Customs gate and run the maze to get through. Also, having a parent with mobility issues I am sensitive to hallways that do not have moving sidewalks, escalators or wheelchair-inaccessible passages. I felt VYR has room for improvement in respect to accessibility and signage.