Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They tried to bury the truth

Here's Paul Pritchard's account of the events and his fight to get back his video tape from the RCMP. The RCMP originally didnt want to release the tape fearing it would taint the proceedings(!).

While others in the waiting area called for security, it took some 25 to 30 minutes before security and police arrived, recalled Pritchard.

But upon their arrival, it was clear that the police had decided to use a Taser gun before they even got near Dziekanski, said Pritchard.

"I heard 'Can I or should I Taser him?' before they even got to Mr. Dziekanski," says Pritchard. "Right away they Tasered him."

Three police officers then struggled to handcuff Dziekanski, who by now was on the floor. Dziekanski was unconscious about a minute later, said Pritchard.

Police immediately called "Code Red" and medics arrived about five to eight minutes later - a time period that Pritchard believes was too long.

Pritchard said that in the 25 minutes prior to security and RCMP officers arriving on scene, at least five people - including women - went up to Dziekanski to offer help.

Although he was clearly distressed and behaving strangely "none of us felt threatened at any time. We weren't scared, women were going right up to him," said Pritchard.

Pritchard's account is in stark contrast to that given by the RCMP, who said Dziekanski had been behaving violently and erratically in the international arrivals area and they were unable to calm him.


Saskboy said...

That's sick. The police didn't even begin CPR, and can't be seen checking for breathing, at least not on the video!

stalag33.3 said...

it is the most digusting thing i have ever seen in the city of vancouver in my forty one years of living here.
i have dealt with far more violent people than that no gun no first just words even when they could not speak english wich often was the case they always came to their senses.
this guy was murdered.

Terry said...

It's a disgrace, the police are out of control in this city. What a cowardly bunch. "To serve and protect", now there's a good example of Orwellian double speak.The defensive lies told by the police to justify this outrage says it all. Is it any wonder respect for the police is waning daily?

Vesna said...

I am completely disgusted with the police or RCMP, whoever the murderers are. I can't watch that video anymore because you know an innocent, misunderstood, confused and scared man died for absolutely no reason. Why several men couldn't try to take down a single unarmed man with sheer force is beyond me. Instead they chose a dangerous weapon. Why was there no defibrillator rushed to the area or CPR initiated? I thought airports were required to have them available? I hope that Mr. Dziekanski gets his justice one day and that the officers involved are charged with murder, not just suspended.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian living in the US I am utterly ashamed for the first time about my home. This is the ultimate travesty that this poor man who was confused, probably hungry and tired and agitated was murdered by police.
Why is the one officer breaking his baton on the floor at the end of the recording??
Is it to claim later that he had to use it to subdue the victim? This is one of the most shocking things that nobody has commented on.

Anonymous said...

I think gestapo can be proud as they found very good followers regarding very quick and effective and effortless killing method that the black "death commando" is using. I would like to see the faces of those four stinky cowards finding a Joy in harrassing and tourmenting most probably ill and teryfied man. Does they have a families? Maybe even keep some animals... I wish them see their own children being treated this way and dying within some minutes. Do You think they would then understand something? Do they became less animallistic then? Do they understand the meaning of being Human or it's doesn't matter for them as we have seen. What else Can You do to eleminate such a dangerous fools that kills people instead protect them. I hope they will be Judged accordingly to their ruthless murder act. I Expect to see them guilty and punished.

Anonymous said...

Canada's finest are PUSSIES. The local club bouncer would have had this incident cleared up no problem. Why do we spend money on training these people when this is how they problem solve. These officers and authorities should be in jail awaiting trial like anyone else who takes a life with so little or no respect. Paul the man who videoed this and fraught to have the camera back should receive a medal from our country.

Anonymous said...

You can see that the subject has an object in his right hand as he is being tasered, it is long, silver and black.

This is tragic, but it doesn't help anyone by ignoring the facts at issue.

Why does everyone who condemns the police, conveniently ignore this fact?